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Passive Fire Protection


Fire kills around 300 people and damage claims exceed £1 billion every year, in the UK alone.


Passive Fire Protection [PFP] measures are those built-in to the fabric of a building to restrict the growth and spread of fire and smoke. They do this by controlling the flammability of wall and ceiling linings, and dividing the building into fire-resisting compartments. PFP is designed to ensure that in the event of fire, the occupants can escape from the building. PFP limits the fire & smoke spread within the building or to other buildings, as well as providing protection to the structure of the building preventing its premature collapse, allowing fire and rescue services to attend safely.

PFP products include: fire doors & screens, fire-resisting walls, floors and ceilings, fire-resisting ducts and dampers, fire-stopping and fire protection to structural members.

Compartmentation only works if any imperfections in the building or breaches to walls or floors (for example by services), are adequately and correctly sealed, in line with fire test evidence.

  • Penetration seals – where services pass through fire separating elements and/or compartment walls or floor

  • Linear joint seals – between fire resisting elements of building construction e.g. the junction between a wall and a ceiling

  • Small cavity barriers – at imperfections in the building process e.g. at the junctions of walls/floors with cladding, between separating walls and a roof, over and between leaves of masonry walls etc.

  • Large cavity barriers – e.g. to subdivide large roof spaces, under floor voids etc.


Smoke is one of the major causes of deaths in fire; correctly installed Passive Fire Protection measures should restrict the spread of smoke within a building.

As a multi-disciplined contractor, 4Solutions is able to carry out works including fire partitions, fire ceilings, fire barriers, penetration sealing, fire doors & screens and intumescent paint.

4Solutions can also carryout Independent PFP Surveys to existing buildings, ensuring the life-saving compartmentation is maintained.

4Solutions are committed to the highest quality in the provision and installation of Passive Fire Protection. We see ourselves as the new wave of PFP installers, driving up industry standards.


Details matter – especially in the passive fire protection industry. That is why we are committed to thoroughness and accuracy in everything we do. Our focus on quality has created a well-respected company within the industry; we stand by the professionalism and integrity of our people, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients through the quality of our work and services we provide.


Doing it the right way, first time, will always be the most cost effective course of action.



If it is your responsibility to appoint the PFP installation contractor. It is also your responsibility to ensure that they can prove competency for the works to be carried out. As PFP installers, we also have a legal obligation to ensure that the materials we install are adequate. It is no longer simply a duty of care or voluntary – it is a legal obligation under sections 5.3 and 5.4 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Similar provisions also exist in equivalent legislation in Scotland and Ireland.

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